The University of Arizona Libraries (“UAL”) is providing you with a website hosting platform (the “Services”) through a third party, Reclaim Hosting (“Reclaim”).  UAL pays Reclaim for the Services, and provides the Services to you so that you may provide web-based access to your digital scholarship. You will have control over, and be responsible for, what goes on your website and blog, subject to the terms and guidelines below.  

Please read these terms of service (the “Terms”) carefully.  By accessing or using any part of the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.  If you do not agree to all the Terms, then you may not access or use any of the Services. These Terms may be updated from time to time, and your access and/or use of the Services constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms.

  1. Your Reclaim Account. If you create a website using the Services, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with the website. You must immediately notify [UALReclaim] of any unauthorized uses of your website, account, or any other breaches of security.  You understand that [UAL/Reclaim] has full access to your account and content for the purposes of troubleshooting and managing the Services.  In instances where content is found to be in violation of the laws, policies and standards noted in the next paragraph, this access may be used to remove your content.  In addition, UAL reserves the right to remove content and/or suspend your account if your website or content compromises the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the University of Arizona’s IT environment.  
  2. Applicable Policies. If you use the Services, you are expected to observe applicable University of Arizona IT policies and, in particular, the University’s Code of Conduct and its Information Security and Privacy Policy. If you repeatedly violate these policies and/or applicable law, you may have your account suspended permanently.  
  3. Brand Standards. You are not required to use a standard UA-branded template for your website.  However, if you choose to incorporate UA-branding into your website (e.g., logos), it must conform to UA’s web standards published by Communications & Brand Strategy. 
  4. Use of Copyrighted Materials. Your use of the Services must follow applicable legal standards regarding intellectual property. You are responsible for not violating or infringing upon the patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks of any person or entity. If your website reproduces any material (such as text, photographs, audio, video, graphics, maps, or logos ) that is the intellectual property of another party, it is your responsibility to secure permission to publish that material in your website or to use that material based upon an informed, reasonable, and good faith application of fair use
  5. Prohibited Uses. You may not use the Services for:
    • Disclosure of education records or identifiable student information that would be protected from disclosure under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), disclosure of private employee or institutional information, or disclosure of information that would be protected under other privacy laws or regulations, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    • Engaging in partisan political activities on behalf of, or in opposition to, a candidate for public office.
    • Promoting or opposing the qualification, passage or defeat of a ballot question that does not affect University of Arizona’s interests. 
    • Selling items (goods, contents, services, etc.) on your website or blog.
    • Commercial advertising (text links provided for informational purposes or as part of a comprehensive list of sources will not be considered commercial advertising unless the purpose is to promote a product or service).
    • Co-branding, hyperlinking logos, link exchanges, and associate, affiliate, and referral programs in support of commercial activity.
    • Hosting pages on behalf of individuals and organizations that are not affiliated with UA or UA-funded projects.
  6. Your Content. You are encouraged to use the Services in support of your digital scholarship, and you own the copyright to the content you produce. UAL encourages, but does not require, the use of open licenses such as Creative Commons when distributing scholarship online. You understand that the work you publish and make publicly available on your website may be browsed or viewed by anyone. You, and not UA, are solely responsible for the content of your website. UA will not routinely monitor the content of your website. UA will, however, investigate complaints and may remove or limit access to websites that violate local, state, or federal law or UA policy. Generally, your use of the Services must not convey the impression that you are representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of UA or any unit of UA. It is encouraged that users include this disclaimer: “The opinions or statements expressed herein should not be taken as a position of or endorsement by the University of Arizona.”
  7. Termination of Services. UAL is currently piloting the Services for campus use and reserves the right to terminate the Services at any time. If UAL terminates the Services, or if you separate from employment or affiliation with UA, you will be given the opportunity to migrate your content to a personal website hosted by Reclaim or another service provider. UAL may also work with users to establish formal hosting and retention commitments on a case by case basis.
  8. Updates to Terms of Service. In the event that updates are made to these Terms of Service, you will be notified via your UA email. Continued use of the Services implies your consent to the updated Terms of Service.